Genesis Group LLC

"We must act always with integrity and one's best effort in representing a client.  Whether walking in the halls of Congress or down the aisle at a grocery store our personal integrity will be perceived by others as a reflection of those organizations which we serve as clients.  Be constant to do the right thing. To do less threatens the reputation of those who have trusted us to serve them and compromises your personal credibility."
                                                                              Operational Tenets of Genesis Group LLC (1998)

Genesis Group LLC was established in 1996 to provide a wide range of legal and government consulting services. It is a full service legal, government relations, and federal contracting company situated in Washington DC. Combining unparalleled experience, technical and legal knowledge, a broad range of relationships and a deep understanding of government processes and federal contracts, we collaborate with our clients to successfully achieve their objectives with federal government agencies, US military commands, Congress, and the White House.