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On the federal level, Genesis Group LLC represents clients before Congress, Executive Branch departments, military commands, and numerous independent agencies. We find that organizations who are seeking contracting opportunities or attempting to resolve a public policy issue normally require a multidisciplinary approach that combines legal, legislative and regulatory components. We regularly provide services to companies and groups which range from technical legal counsel on federal contracts, to more traditional government affairs advocacy for public policy changes in regulations or laws affecting the client. In addition to resolving legal, legislative and regulatory issues through both formal and informal proceedings, we also assist clients to identify and obtain federal funding.

 The following is a list of those services most often sought by clients of Genesis Group LLC.

 Traditional Government Affairs Services:

  • Monitoring, analyzing, and reporting on legislative and regulatory developments.
  • Create strategy and plans to meet specific needs of client.
  • Representation of the client in DC with those national organizations of which they are a member.
  • Affecting the development of government policies, legislation, and regulations by direct and indirect lobbying of members of Congress, congressional staff, and administrative officials.
  • Drafting legislation, position papers, and testimony for congressional hearings.
  • Preparing comments on proposed rules and regulations.
  • Preparing witnesses for hearings and testifying on behalf of clients before Congress and regulatory agencies.
  • Defending clients in congressional and Executive Branch investigations.
  • Association administration.
  • Identify funds for research programs, demonstrations, economic development and facility construction
  • Assisting in the preparation of federal grant, loan, and loan guarantee applications.
  • PAC administration
  • Schedule Washington visits to promote your project, programs and goals
  • Development of relationships and networks between elected officials and the client.

 Specialized Counsel Services:

  • Development of relationships and networks between company personnel and agency/military commands to facilitate procurement and research contracts.
  • Legal and technical counsel in the negotiation of agreements between the client and agency/military commands.
  • Problem resolution of issues involving existing contracts between client and agency/military commands.
  • Full service legal and technical counsel for contracting and awards involving infrastructure, energy efficiency, international trade, and defense procurement/R&D.
  • Technical counsel on US trade laws, the WTO, and current international trade policies of the US.
  • Counsel and assistance for export licenses, scope reviews, and other export related laws affecting the export or import of a product (including Defense Trade Cooperation Treaties).
  • Buy American/Berry Amendment.
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